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Unraveling Intelligent Disobedience: A Radical Approach to Leadership

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Bob McGannon talks with Leo

Do you dare to bend or break rules to achieve a greater outcome?

If the idea seems preposterous, it might be time to redefine your understanding of leadership. In the realm of modern leadership dynamics, there's a new book on the block - Intelligent Disobedience by Curator & LinkedIn Learning Instructor, Bob McGannon.

In a recent podcast episode, a renowned LinkedIn Learning instructor and the author of "Intelligent Disobedience: The Difference Between Good and Great Leaders" took us on an enlightening journey into the world of unconventional leadership strategies.

Intelligent Disobedience: A Quick Look

Intelligent disobedience is about challenging the status quo, being disruptive, and innovating for the sake of better results. It's about breaking free from the traditional confines of leadership and harnessing the power of breaking or bending rules. A concept drawn from the training of seeing-eye dogs, it is all about knowing when to disobey for the greater good.

Creating a Safe Space for Intelligent Disobedience

The key to nurturing an environment that encourages intelligent disobedience lies in the cultivation of trust within a team. Empowering team members with the autonomy to disrupt processes and make financial decisions while fostering open communication and understanding each individual's disposition is crucial. The ultimate goal is to leverage this freedom to disrupt the norm for the organization's benefit.

The Ethics of Intelligent Disobedience

Ethics forms the backbone of intelligent disobedience. It’s not about advancing personal agendas but focusing on the organization's welfare. Intelligent disobedience is never an excuse to lie. Transparency and honesty are essential when faced with challenges. It’s also crucial to respect diversity, inviting various perspectives to achieve a comprehensive understanding of a situation.

Intelligent Disobedience and Risk-taking

Risk-taking forms a significant part of intelligent disobedience. Leaders need to have faith in their team members and trust their judgment while also understanding the ethics of intelligent disobedience. It’s not about reckless disobedience but about being disruptive responsibly.

Feedback: A Vital Component

Feedback is an integral part of intelligent disobedience. It's important to take on board every piece of feedback, positive or negative, and use it to shape and refine the application of intelligent disobedience. Feedback provides a roadmap for improvement and a measure of the effectiveness of the disruptive actions taken.

Embracing Intelligent Disobedience

Embracing intelligent disobedience can be transformative. It can unlock a whole new level of leadership potential, paving the way for stellar outcomes. Leaders need to adopt this concept not just in spirit but also in action. The challenge lies in finding the balance - knowing when to obey, when to disobey, and doing so intelligently.

Intelligent disobedience is not about defiance for defiance’s sake. It's about daring to question, challenging the norms, and having the courage to step out of the comfort zone. As leaders, it's time we took the leap into this intriguing world of intelligent disobedience and unlock a whole new realm of leadership potential.

After all, true leadership isn’t just about following the rules but also knowing when and how to break them intelligently for the greater good. You can download our past chat on Spotify, Apple Podcast, or Amazon Music. Alternatively, you can watch the recorded chat on YouTube.

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